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NetSparkle i18n section

Netsparkle holds all language dependent resources in several .NET resource files. If you want to translate the NetSparkle dialogs, just generate new files for the following base resources:

Use the following steps to get the job done:

  1. copy the files above
  2. replace the .de. against your langage code (e.g. .fr.)
  3. add this files to the NetSparkle solution as well
  4. open in the resource editor and translate the content
  5. send this two new files to us, we will add them to the source repository

The following table shows the current translation state of NetSparkle:

 Language State  Language-Code  Contributor 
 General (English) done  en-US Core Team 
 German done de-DE Core Team
 Dutch done nl-NL thomco
 French done fr-FR Renald
 Bulgaria done bg-BG Gaddas
 Russian done ru-RU  ExcaliburKG
 Chinese done zh-CN jiangww_0924
 Brazil done pt-BR VictorWentz
 Chinese done zh-TW bigsan
 Spanish done es-MX manuelpeh
 Italien done it ezioi

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