Questions from a netSparkle newbie.

May 17, 2013 at 3:29 PM
So I've just integrated NetSparkle to one of my apps and the initial test are all good. I have my appcast.xml set up and release notes html etc and the program detects new version and downloads it. However i always get a broken DSA signature box. I've done the DSA signing and added to the appcast.xml but maybe I'm signing the wrong thing?

my steps are:
  1. Build program
  2. Package everything to a winrar self-extracting .exe (NetSparkle doesnt support .zip files right?)
  3. NetSparkleDSAHelper.exe /sign_update PACKAGE_NAME.exe NetSparkle_DSA.priv
  4. Add the signature to appcast.xml and upload to server
  5. Upload new package exe
  6. Run application, download the update.
Is there a better way to package up the update rather then a self-extracting zip file?

Thanks a lot!
Jun 25, 2013 at 4:38 PM
Yes there is I am using sharpsetup to package my software and run it to install the updates silently.
Or you could use inno setup I have used inno setup before with netsparkle and got it to work, of course I had to modify netsparkle source code for it to use inno setup's specific silent installation feature.
Also I am currently working on setting up sharpsetup to work with netsparkle.
Also if your application is available for free you can use sharpsetup for free and you do not have to pay for sharpsetup because you would be using the free license of sharpsetup. but if your applications costs to use than you are better off going with inno setup because I do not think inno setup license forbids you to use it for commercial purposes for free.

Also I know you could use inno ide to make inno setup use netsparkle dsa to sign your installer when inno setup is compiling your installer, and then you would not get a dsa broken error.

But if you need any more help I will help you.