Crashes with a Console app/where's the English version?

Apr 25, 2012 at 9:45 PM


Apologies if these questions are really basic but there's a lack of documentation here! I have a .Net 4 Console app so I added a reference to AppLimit.NetSparkle.Net40.dll

I then added this code at the top of the Main() method:


Sparkle _sparkle;
            _sparkle = new Sparkle("")
                ShowDiagnosticWindow = true,
                TrustEverySSLConnection = true,
                //EnableSystemProfiling = true,
                //SystemProfileUrl = new Uri("")

            //_sparkle.updateDetected += new UpdateDetected(_sparkle_updateDetected);
            //_sparkle.EnableSilentMode = true;
            //_sparkle.HideReleaseNotes = true;




During the first run, it complained there was no 'AppLimit.NetSparkle.Net40.resources' file and so I had to add a reference to one in one of the many folders for each language. Except there isn't any English language available!

When run again, the NetSparkle window opens but hangs with everything blank on it. I've tried the appcast.xml from the sample app and it still doesn't work.

Since this a console app, I just want it to automatically update (ideally before it's run - so it updates immediately then restarts itself). I know this would be EnableSilentMode, however that doesn't appear to work either!

Any help would be appreciated!