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Project Description
NetSparkle is an easy-to-use software update framework for .NET developers on Windows, MAC or Linux. It was inspired by the Sparkle ( project for Cocoa developers and the WinSparkle ( project (a Win32 port).


This framework contains a lot of features, please check them out:
  • True self-updating, no work required from user based on Windows Installer packages
  • Uses appcasts for release information
  • Displays release news to the user via Internet Explorer Control
  • Displays a detailed progress window to the user
  • NetSparkle requires no code in your app, so it's trivial to upgrade or remove the module
  • Seamless integration—there's no mention of NetSparkle; your icons and app name are used
  • Supports DSA signatures for ultra-secure updates
  • UpdateChecker-Helper for start menu integration
  • i18n support see localization section

In the future we are planning to realize all the other well know Sparkle features as well:
  • Optionally sends user demographic information to the server when checking for updates
  • NetSparkle can install .exe files for wider installer support
  • Support for custom consumer logic when a update was detected

Detailed usage information can be found in our codeplex documentation wiki and
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News from the authors blog
 Step-by-Step into the cloud News Feed 
Sunday, May 06, 2012  |  From Step-by-Step into the cloud

After over 7 years on the Geeks with Blogs platform I moved. The new home of this blog based on WordPress. Please visit The address will be moved in a couple seconds :-)

Saturday, October 29, 2011  |  From Step-by-Step into the cloud

DropBox changed some details in the API and upgrade to version 1.0 a couple days ago. Together with the DropBox team it was possible to be the first open source project which is compatible with the new and more saver API version. The SharpBox 1.2 release brings the changes we made together into an official binary distribution. We decided to do a major release because of some breaking changes in the code. The most important change will be that the class ICloudStoragCredentials does not more exists. Starting with 1.2 only the ICloudStorageAccessToken class can be used for security token based authentication. The migration in your project should take not longer than five minutes. The following specialized tokens are available for the different storage providers:

  • GenericNetworkCredentials - Used for all WebDAV and FTP based providers where a user name and password is needed. Can also be used for file system providers to authentication against a network share.

  • GenericCurrentCredentials - This are the credentials of a logged on windows user and can be used on every WebDAV server which is supporting NTLM (e.g. IIS) or on all file system based providers.

  • DropBoxToken - An oAuth token what was issued by DropBox during the initial setup phase of your application. To get more information of issuing dropbox tokens please visit our tutorial pages and check out our DropBoxIssuer-application which helps to show the process of token generation.

The following list gives you a bried overview about all the other changes we did to improve the library:

  • Change: Removed credential based login, only token based login allowed but WebDAV supports username/password tokens!
  • Change: DropBoxConfiguration contains a version field to select if v0 or v1 of DropBox REST API should be used
  • Change: DropBoxConfiguration does not cotain static attributes any more (Issue:16786)
  • Change: The "rev" property was added to the raw properties collection when using DropBox (Issue: 16786)
  • Fix: Problem working in dropbox-sandbox mode (Issue 16728)
  • Fix: Error getting Folder under (Issues 16747)

The latest bits can be downloaded here!

We are happy about any kind of feedback via mail or ourproject site on codeplex! Special thanks goes to all contributors in the last weeks who tested and improved the major API upgrade of our DropBox provider.

Sunday, October 16, 2011  |  From Step-by-Step into the cloud

Together with the DropBox team we finished our work to be compatible with the DropBox REST API version 1 (before the stable API version was 0). As long as DropBox not finished the beta programm everybody has to enable the new version manually in the DropBoxConfiguration object as follows:

// set the api version to 1

((DropBoxConfiguration)Configuration).APIVersion = DropBoxAPIVersion.V1;

We plan to release an updated version of SharpBox at the day DropBox finishes the beta program. If you are interested in the beta program just visit

A Link to our SDK can be found here on the new DropBox developer webpages:

Thanks again for the DropBox team for their fast support and the great work in holding the API as stable as possible.

 Step-by-Step into the cloud News Feed 

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